5 Ways Travel Agents Can Stand Out On Social Media in 2021

Dear travel agents, 2021 isn’t the year to play small and blend in on social media, more than ever you need to stand out.

But can you stand out when there’s so much travel content out there on social media from suppliers, bloggers, influencers, tourism boards, and more? Absolutely! 

2021 is the year to start standing out on social media. It’s so easy to blend in with all of the travel content out there from suppliers, influencers, and other agents, but the travel floodgates will re-open eventually when they do, you want to be the travel agent that sticks out in the minds of potential clients.

Here are 5 ways to make a splash on social media, set yourself apart, and keep your travel agency top of mind in 2021.

First things first…

1. Focus on genuine connection – Here’s the truth about social media, it’s not a place to just push out marketing content, it’s a place to connect, that’s why your ideal client is there after all.

People buy from those they know, so before you go in for the sale, you need to establish a connection with your followers. It’s what will make all the difference in your ability to convert them from follower to client, and play in their decision to book with you instead of an OTA or another agent.

People want familiarity and they want trust, and the key to those two things is connections. Try not to see your followers as clients but as friends and acquaintances. Be conversational, be fun and show your personality just as you would to a friend. When you do this, you’ll be on the road to building connections with them in no time.

2. Tweak Your Content To Feature More Of You — You are your best asset because nobody else has you. Your photos should have you in them and your content should speak in your voice. That way people can easily differentiate your social media accounts from others in the industry.

When you show more of you, you also grow your know/like/trust factor, and this is essential if you want to convert your followers into leads and clients.

3. Share Your Own insights — When you share travel inspiration and facts about a destination., put your own spin and insights on it. The truth is, most people can google information about a destination, but what they can’t google is your opinion and professional insights on that place.

When you share your own insights you’re giving your audience value, and you’re also solidifying your authority as a trusted expert.

This is how travel agents gain competitive advantage

4. Start using live video – I know, I know, putting yourself out there is scary! Maybe you’re scared of messing up, looking silly or being vulnerable. But here’s the tea, not nearly enough travel agents are using live video features on social media platforms, so it’s an instant way to set yourself apart. 

On top of that, it’s an instant authority, connection and trust builder — basically all of the things you need to build a following that’ll be ready to book with you when the time is right for them.

Remember that you are your best asset! There is no other travel agent just like you, so take advantage of that by showing up in live video — there’s no better way to make yourself memorable.

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Here are a few live ideas to get you started:

  • Go live over your Monday morning coffee to share a travel tip
  • Share 5 things you’re excited to see on your next getaway to [XYZ]
  • Host a Q&A and answer 3 popular questions you get from clients
  • Share your opinion on a popular travel trend
  • Share 5 of your favorite hotels/resorts and why

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5. Be proactive with your engagement – What’s the secret to better engagement? Give the type of engagement you want to get. The best remedy to hearing crickets on your posts and the polls you run in your Stories is to get proactive and go out and engage first.

Comment on posts from those who you follow and are following you, leave reactions to their Instagram Stories, and just love on them!

Something amazing happens when you do this, people start to reciprocate. So instead of waiting and wishing that they’ll engage with you, go out and engage with them first. It’s the best remedy for your low engagement rates. All you need is five to ten minutes a day to get results. Check out this five-minute daily checklist.

So, there you have it – 5 ways travel agents can stand out on social media in 2021.Which tactic will you start using in your travel business first?

P.S. There is more about this topic here. Make sure you check that out as well.

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