From Digital Media CEO to helping thousands of travel agents show up on social media and attract more clients

I’ve always been a content creator to the bone. At 20 I founded my started entrepreneurial venture — a wedding and family photography studio — to help me pay my way through university as I studied for my Bachelor’s in Communications, then a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations.

But nothing prepared me for the world of social media and digital marketing quite like founding and growing an online publication.

Two months into my first full-time gig as a marketing and communications assistant I decided to launch my own digital platform. It was hard work, but within 2 years I grew it to over 1 million monthly online reach on a shoestring marketing budget.

It taught me how to roll up my sleeves, get scrappy, and learn organic growth strategies that don’t require a lot of money.

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I saw a missing puzzle piece: travel advisors weren't getting support with social media...

Five years after founding my media company, I made my first foray into the travel industry helping good friends of mine create travel content for their clients, and implementing some of those same organic growth strategies to roll out content on digital platforms and make it go viral.

But I saw a gap: One, travel agents very rarely got access to the great quality I was creating, and two, they were struggling with mastering digital platforms to grow their own businesses.

I’ve conceptualized marketing campaigns for lots of big brands inside and outside of the travel industry — Caribbean Tourism Organization, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, Sephora, 

But nothing (not even a high-quality, beautifully edited travel video) has quite as much impact as a trusted individual providing word-of-mouth validation.

I saw how powerful it could be for the industry if advisors got access to the resources and the training they needed to become better online marketers.

Fast forward to my best project yet!

Travel agents provide SUCH a meaningful touchpoint for suppliers and travel brands with consumers. Agents are trusted sources of information for their clients, and their suggestions carry weight.

I knew how powerful it would be if they had better resources and the right strategies to show up on social media more confidently and engage with potential clients.

That’s when inspiration struck and Travel Agent Collective was born! And spoiler alert: it's my best project yet!

Now I teach advisors everything I know: How to grow an engaged audience on social media, how to create content that gets likes and clicks, and how to grow a following of people who are genuinely excited to work with them.

Being on social media has never been more important than right now — and that's no exaggeration

But here’s the thing: despite having over 10 years of experience, I never could have predicted that social media would be as important as it's proven to be these last six months.

Social media has been a lifeline for travel agents to keep themselves top of mind, to maintain an open line of communication with clients about the world of travel, and to show just how valuable it is to have a TA in your corner.

2020 is going to be one for the books, and despite the fact that some weeks feel a whole year long, it’s been a wake-up call for so many travel agents — social media is no longer an optional part of running a business in 2020. 

It’s more important for people to keep seeing you, so they know you’re still in business and so they know exactly how you can serve them during this unprecedented time.

On top of that, people are on social media now more than ever and the opportunity to get in front of potential clients, demonstrate your value, and nurture them into a client, has never been better than right now.

This is your chance to build a more resilient business by learning how to truly leverage social platforms to attract a steady stream of clients and become the travel agent everyone wants to book with.

If you’re ready to seriously level up your game by posting consistently, showing up with engaging content, and with strategies that actually work, I’d love to see you in The Collective.

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