Content Ideas For Travel Advisors During COVID-19

Hey there awesome travel advisor, I know you’ve been put through the ringer these past few weeks and on top of all that, you’re probably stressing about what you should be saying in your emails, your social media posts, and your other communications with clients. I’m here to offer some insight, and I hope this takes some of the stress and the uncertainty away.

If the thought of posting anything promotional or sales-y is making you cringe right now, you aren’t alone. This may not be the best time to be shouting from the rooftops with travel deals and other promotions but it doesn’t mean you should stop posting altogether and completely ghost.

Now more than ever you want to remain visible so you can stay top of mind when people ARE ready to start travelling again. So what should you be posting instead?

Expertise + Insights

There is an abundance of information available around COVID-19 and from very credible sources, so you don’t need to be the authority on this, but when it comes to travel you may find that there are still some unanswered questions, or questions you’re still getting from your clients regularly. You can answer these in a social media post, or better yet, a live video.

Feel Good Content

I know you may not be feeling particularly peppy these days but people like feel-good things, especially when the news is dishing up a steady flow of the opposite. 

Share a client testimonial, or a story about how you’ve used your expertise to help clients recently. A good travel quote never hurts or a travel engagement question. (Check out the 101 Conversation Starters available in the Content Library).

Talk about your why

This is a great reminder for your clients, and even you, why you do what you do. Talk about why you decided to become a travel advisor, what you love about your job/business, how you help your clients and why you love to travel.

Talk about you

More than ever people want professionals and expert they can trust, so you should be at the forefront of your travel business building that trust. Talk about your past travel experiences, share some of your favorite destinations and hotels, talk about what’s on your bucket list and where you want to travel when everything blows over.

Know that I’m thinking of you all and actively preparing some helpful resources you can use when it’s time to ramp things up again. I’ve also added some captions and graphics to the Premium Content Library if you need a little bit of help with what to say on your social channels right now.

And as always, I encourage you to use the free content available in the free Content Library and the resources I’ve made available in my facebook Group and on my Facebook Page.

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If you need any specific advice or have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Stay healthy, stay safe, and find joy in your day.

Sending good vibes,


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