How To Turn Your Followers Into Clients

I get a lot of questions from travel agents about social media, but there's one I get consistently — how do I get actual bookings from social media?

And my first question to the agent asking is usually, "how much time do you spend nurturing and engaging with your audience?"

To which their response is usually "I'm not sure," or "I don't really spend time nurturing."

Can I just tell you what a HUGE missed opportunity this is for your travel business?

It’s so easy to get so caught up in the rat race of wanting to grow accounts and get more followers, that it’s easy to forget to nurture the people who are already following you.

When someone follows you it shouldn’t be one and done, it should be the beginning of a journey and a relationship where you continue to nurture them over time.

That’s how they’ll turn into a future client and a person who becomes a raving fan of your travel business. 

Follower count has no correlation to how many bookings you get from social media. It's a fact!

What really matters is how much you nurture your followers through conversation and connection! That's what will get you more bookings.

So, how can you nurture your followers into clients?

Here are three easy ways:

  1. Interact with their content on a regular basis.
  2. Leave meaningful comments, like their photos, react to their Stories
  3. Respond to every single comment on your content and in your DMs

People don’t buy from those they don’t know, and that includes travel, so it's essential your followers feel like they know you. That can only happen if you’re consistently nurturing them through conversations on your content, but more importantly, on their content too!

Don’t let a potential lead go stale by following someone who looks like your ideal client, but never take the time to interact with them ever again. It’s a missed opportunity for you to convert that follower into a client.

When someone follows you, they're one step closer to becoming a client than a stranger who has no frame of reference for who you are and what you do.

Don't let them slide by without some effort to convert them into a client!

Nurture them. Nurture the heck out of them, so when they're ready to travel you are top of mind and you are the only travel advisor they'd even consider booking with!

To your success,

Nikita ✈️

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