How To Promote Travel Packages on Social Media

Travel agents, this is a no-judgement zone, so tell me, are you guilty of just throwing a promotional post up on social media without a purpose, without tailoring your message, without a real plan?

You wouldn’t be the only one!

But the truth is, for a promotion or special offer to lead to actual bookings you need a real plan, and you needed it like yesterday.

A big part of your plan should be laying the groundwork for the actual sale.

When you’re trying to sell travel — or anything really — you can’t just show up and start with the sales pitch.

You have to cue yourself up for the sale by nurturing that potential client first, and when you’re on social media your nurturing happens in two ways: through what you post and how you interact.

Let’s talk about the Former, what you post.

Here are three types of content you need to post BEFORE you sell to turn your followers into clients who are ready to take advantage of a promotion:

Content About You — No one buys from strangers so some of your content should help your followers get to know, like and trust you by posting about your life, your hobbies, where you love to travel, etc.

Content With Value — Your secret weapon is your expertise and insights as a travel agent. Used that to provide valuable information that’s helpful and solves problems for your ideal client.

Content That Sparks Conversation — Social media is a SOCIAL platform. It’s meant for conversation, so make sure your content is written in a way that prompts engagement and responses from your followers.

Now if you’re wondering how often you should be posting the content I mentioned above and how often you should be posting promotional content, I have the answer for that too!

80% of your content should be the content above — things like talking about yourself, sharing your expertise, asking questions, etc. The other 20% is reserved for promotional content and posts with a very direct call to action.

Trust me when I tell you, your followers will be WAY more receptive to promotions when you take the time to warm them up for your sales pitch versus showing up out of the blue telling them to book a trip.

Follow these tips to make your next promotion WAY more effective. And just remember, you’ve got this! ?

To your success,

Nikita ✈️

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