How Travel Agents Can Instantly Stand Out On Social Media

Are you feeling lost in the sea of travel content on social media?

There’s no shortage of travel inspiration on social media from OTAs, suppliers, bloggers, influencers and other travel agents.

Even with the odds feeling a little stacked against you, it’s still possible to stand out and build a following that’s genuinely excited to book with you.

Here are 3 things you can do to instantly set yourself apart:

Tweak Your Content To Feature More Of You — You are your best asset because nobody else has you. Your photos should have you in them and your content should speak in your voice. That way people can easily differentiate your social media accounts from others in the industry.

When you show more of you, you also grow your know/like/trust factor, and this is essential if you want to convert your followers into leads and clients.

Share Your Own insights — When you share travel inspiration and facts about a destination., put your own spin and insights on it. The truth is, most people can google information about a destination, but what they can’t google is your opinion and professional insights on that place.

When you share your own insights you’re giving your audience value, and you’re also solidifying your authority as a trusted expert.

Start Using Stories + Live Videos — Connection and community are two really important parts of social media, and one of the best ways to help your followers and potential clients feel more connected to you versus another brand or company is to use live video to grow your know, like and trust factor with them.

And there you have it — three ways to instantly stand out more on social media and attract your ideal client.

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