What To Post On Social Media In September

September is a time of back to school, squeaking out those last few weeks of summer, and it signals the beginning of pumpkin spice latte season.

Over the past few months, you’ve probably had to re-think some of your social media content thanks to the pandemic, and one of the best things you can do is leverage seasonal happenings to jumpstart your creativity when you’re creating your content.

4 – National Lazy Mom’s Day
Ask moms what they’d like to spend a lazy day doing

5 – National Be Late For Something Day
Ask your followers if they’ve ever been late for a flight

6 – National Read A Book Day
Ask your followers for reading suggestions

7 – National Beer Lover’s Day
Share your favorite international brew

11 – National Day of Service & Remembrance
Thank first responders and frontline workers in your community

12 – National Day of Encouragement
Share words of encouragement with your followers

25 – National One-Hit Wonder Day
Share a favorite one hit wonder

26 – Save Your Photos Day
Remind your followers to back up their vacation photos

26 – National Singles Day
Share some solo travel / singles travel inspo

A Few Reminders:

It doesn’t have to be all travel all the time. These past few months has challenged many of you to come up with new content ideas as you work around COVID, and this is a GOOD THING. What worked in 2016 won’t work now. It’s more important than ever to be present, engage with your followers and come to the table with RELEVANT posts.

Posting about National Days and Holidays is just a start. If you want social media to bring you clients you have to show up to the party consistently with content that builds your know/like/trust. That means posts about you, about who you serve and how, etc.

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